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Barry Curewitz accelerates revenue and profit growth by selling more product to more people at higher margins. He has generated >$500MM in incremental revenue through innovative products and programs exceeding financial targets with Campbell Soup, Johnson & Johnson, Lenox and Warner-Lambert leading to 7 promotions in 12 years. Some of his core competencies include: • Quick to understand business situations and challenges leading to initiative development • Business planning, execution and anticipation of “what’s next” with emphasis on innovation • Team creation, goal establishment and group management capitalizing on opportunities • Artfully balances “thinking” and “doing” making smart things happen. Prior to forming WHOLE-BRAIN Brand Expansion, Barry spent 15 years working for consumer-centric organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Campbell Soup, Warner-Lambert/Pfizer and Bic where he led domestic and global brands to achieve sustainable growth. An expert in innovation and new product development, he has created numerous growth strategies and product platforms for brands such as Splenda, V8, Prego, Lenox China, Lubriderm, Neosporin, e.p.t. and Bic Shavers. Barry earned B.S. and MBA degrees from the University of Tampa and has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at the Fox School of Business at Temple University and the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University. His articles have been published in Advertising Age, Chief Marketer, Marketing Management, MarketingProfs, Marketing Daily, and Marketing Research Magazine. He has been a featured innovator in Inventors Digest.

Why Brands like Matthew McConaughey, The Chicago Cubs, and Rolex Succeed

They connect with their target audience in emotional and meaningful ways. As brand management continues to evolve, mostly driven by changes in ways companies communicate with their target audience, a “basic truism” will become increasingly important – establishing emotional links … Continue reading

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How IDEO does it.

A few years ago Tom Kelley, General Manager of IDEO, published a book called The Ten Faces of Innovation. In it, he identifies the different “faces” or participant styles typically involved in the process of developing innovation — innovation related … Continue reading

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New Product Success – It’s the Recipe and the Chef

Successful new products result from the right ingredients and the right touch. Making a great dessert and achieving success with new products are similar activities.  Each requires the right ingredients (which may vary depending on who’s in the kitchen) and … Continue reading

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Consumer Loyalty, Isn’t That the Goal?

Developing and nurturing loyalty should be the marketer’s primary, day-to-day concern. Here’s why doing so increases the likelihood their brand can withstand economic turmoil, competitive threats, and reasonable price increases. Today’s business climate frequently forces brand managers to focus on … Continue reading

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Dispelling Popular Networking Myths

Over the last two months, I have given presentations about networking to three different groups, with about 80 people in attendance (in total). After the most recent seminar, it occurred to me there are a number of misperceptions about networking … Continue reading

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Networking: The Three Questions You Must Answer to Achieve Job Search Success

To be an effective networker, you must: 1. Understand what you are offering 2. Know what it is that you are seeking 3. Explain who you need to connect with When done correctly, networking has proven to be a very … Continue reading

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A Networking Nightmare

The Poisoning of Networking Relationships   Despite the Best Planning and Execution Well, it finally happened.  After nearly 180 successful one-on-one meetings and phone calls, it finally happened.  The “train wreck” occurred and my ego was crushed like the runaway train in The … Continue reading

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